Ayurvedic Beauty Care (Herbal Facial) [60 mins]
December 22, 2018
Routine Royal Drop Package (Ayurvedic Head and Shoulder Massage + Shirodhara) X [5 sessions each 60 mins]
January 31, 2019
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Royal Drop (Abhyanga Full Body Massage + Shirodhara) – [90 mins]


Duration: 90 Minutes

What is Royal Drop (Shirodhara): Stimulation and massage of the Marma points on the entire body followed by warm streams of Ayurvedic oil poured on and across the forehead, continually. A deep intuitive and meditative state is awakened and a great mental clarity and shift of awareness are experienced during the treatment. Shirodhara also awakens the mind while lulling the entire body to create a state of calmness.

Benefits: Shirodhara releases stress and quiets the mind. In short, this therapy induces a heightened mental state and creates profound relaxation of the body. Hence, this massage is recommended for the patients suffering from insomnia.


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