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October 21, 2018
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Netra Basti / Netra Tarpanam (Natural Therapy for Tired Eyes)


Duration: 60 Minutes

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What is Netra Basti / Netra Tarpanam? We are constantly bombarded with strong optical stimuli due to which our eyes feel tired and strained, creating adverse effects on our vision and also on the brain’s activity. Netra Basti can help prevent this by producing a soothing effect on the eyes and the surrounding tissues.

The treatment includes a light facial massage that emphasizes on the Marma points around the lymph nodes and the eyes. Subsequently, dough rings are placed around each eye forming a dam. Then, the eyes are bathed in warm ayurvedic Ghee (herbal clarified butter). This nurtures and revitalizes the eyes.

Later, eye exercises are performed and the Marma points on the hands are gently massaged. Thereafter, a Marma point massage for the face, neck, head and the shoulder completes the experience.

Benefits: Netra Basti / Netra Tarpanam is ideal for people suffering from diabetes-related eye problems and computer vision syndrome.


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