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October 21, 2018
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Natural Fertility Consultation [Initial Consult. 90 mins.]


Duration: 90 Minutes

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What is Natural Fertility Consultation? 

fertility is far more than the physical act of becoming pregnant. Fertility is first about your shift into parenthood mindset, as a couple, which starts well before conception. It begins with your first true desire to start a family. This intense desire serves as an invitation to the new soul (or a parcel of cosmic energy) to come and ignite new life in your heart and body. Our goal is to help you create and nourish your baby in a multi-dimensional well being to help that new soul – your baby fulfill its purpose to the highest degree of health and happiness. Our approach is one of common sense, focusing on optimal health for the two of you before conception occurs to maximise your chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

Benefits (as a couple): 

  • Maximise chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth & baby
  • A proven alternative to assisted reproductive technology for most fertility problemsGentle, natural and safe – no nasty side effects whatsoever
  • An empowering experience of understanding and managing your own fertility
  • Improved general health, energy and stronger bond between couples
  • Equal involvement and support for each partner
  • Safe, natural contraception following the birth of your baby
  • Suitable for older couples or those with undiagnosed fertility problems too.

Benefits to your baby:

  • Increased chances of a healthy, happy baby
  • Reduced risk of congenital malformations (birth defects)
  • Increased chances of problem-free breastfeeding and close bonding
  • Reduced risk of developmental and behavioural problems through childhood
  • Incorporation of Ayurvedic lifestyle diet and nutrition for your growing family

Benefits for pregnancy and birth :

  • Reduced chance of miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth
  • Reduced occurrence of common pregnancy complaints (such as morning sickness)
  • Reduced occurrence of more serious problems (such as Gestational diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, Foetal Growth Retardation)
  • Decreased risk of postnatal depression
  • Increased chances of a natural birth with little or no medication


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